Thunderbolt ports not working on G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3

I have a 12tb G-Raid with thunderbolt 3 (formatted RAID 1, so storage capacity is 6tb). It’s been working very well since I got it last summer. I use it with my very old iMac, which requires the use of a thunderbolt 2 adapter, and with my 2017 MBP, which has Thunderbolt 3.

Just recently, within the past few days, the Thunderbolt ports on the G-Raid seem to have stopped working; I can get the drive to mount up via USB on my MacBook, but nothing is happening when trying to use the Thunderbolt ports. The drive doesn’t show up in disk utility at all, much less appear on the desktop.

I’ve been searching through the boards here trying to see if anyone else has encountered this problem; I’ve seen things that are sort of similar, but never both thunderbolt ports just suddenly becoming unusable. If such a thread exists that might have an answer to this problem, feel free to point me in that direction. Otherwise, any help would be appreciated.

Is the issue with Thunderbolt recognition happening on both of the computers or just the MBP?

If it is on both computers then it is possible a TB issue could have occurred, have you tried other TB3 cables (they have lightning bolts on the tips)

If so and still nothing then you can use the USB to offload any data on the unit you need and then create an RMA on our website to get a replacement chassis.

Use the Chassis SN on the bottom of the unit to create an RMA here: RMA creation
Also make sure when sending in the unit to only send the chassis, you will keep your drives and their trays they are in and all accessories. Only send the empty chassis.