Thunderbolt Duo rebuild started on old drive. How can I stop rebuild and restart on replacement drive?

I have a 6TB Thunderbolt Duo set to raid 1. I had a drive error in one of the drives yesterday. The drive started making odd sounds and a message popped up saying the drive was running in degraded mode. After a search online I concluded that the drive needed to be replaced. I removed the faulty drive to check the model number so I could find a replacement drive. I ordered a replacement hard drive and then I put the possibly faulty drive back in the thunderbolt duo and I turned the drive back on to use the drive. A rebuild began on the old hard drive. Is there a way to safely stop the rebuild so I can put in the replacement drive when it arrives? Another question, is it possible that the drive did not actually fail and the current rebuild will fix the problem?

Also, can I use the drive as I normally would during the rebuild? The drive was almost full, any idea how long the rebuild will take?

Thanks in advance for any help :grinning:

So the rebuild process finished and it took about 12 hours. Now the WD Drive Utilities shows that both discs are online. I’m not sure if this means that the rebuild fixed the problem and the drive wasn’t actually bad or if it’s just a matter of time…

I will run a complete drive test and see if that tells me anything.

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Thanks for the update on the thread.

Keep an eye on the results of the test and if it fails, contact WD Support directly.

The drive passed the complete drive test. The replacement drive arrived today so I guess I will be ready if it actually fails in the future…

So the drive seems to be working but now when I plug the drive into my computer I get a pop window stating that “the drive in slot B is missing. Please replace drive” I was getting this notification for a few months before the problems that prompted my post occured but I, stupidly, thought it was related to the ports on my computer and not the WD thunderbolt Duo.