Thunderbolt Duo install JBOD have problem in 10.11?

Just open new box iMac Retina and WD TB Duo, try to install WD TB Duo into JBOD (one for Data, one for Time Machine). After select and click format from the WD Drive Utilites, it format normally. But, both drives just show up a moment, then unmount by itself! I try to mount it by Apple Disk Utility, it show up, then unmount again…

Anyone try this?

Are you connect the using USB cable or Thunderbolt cable? If you are using the thunderbolt cable then make sure the connection on both end are not loose.

Very stupid! After I reinstall WD Drive Utilities ver, it’s work!

WD, please check your software ver. 2.0.x.x, it have bugs! Update it ASAP!


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This is exactly my problem… after installing the latest WD drive utilities, my drives will not mount on my Thunderbolt Duo. But I don’t have the old version! How can I get it?

Ran exactly into the same problem. Thought it was a daisy-chain related issue but it turned out JBOD is impossible with WD Drive Utilities 2 installed. It will always unmount disks after a few seconds. Removed the drive utilities, not very useful whatsoever.

Try search in www. Some download websites keep it.

I can’t found in WD website!

Raid 0/1 are no problem with new Utilities 2.x, just have problem with JBOD. Using old version 1.x, if you wanted JBOD!

yes, that’s exactly what I noticed too. By the way: the problem seems unrelated to El Capitan (OS X 10.11), since I can reproduce the behaviour on Mavericks and Yosemite as well. RAID works withWD Utilities 2.x, JBOD doesn’t.