Thunderbolt duo breakdown

After a week’s absence from my Mac and it’s peripherals, I reconnected the Thunderbolt Duo 4T (2x2T) for Mac to the power supply and immediately I heard a peculiar noise from one of the drives like it was trying to spin but couldn’t. It came out that it was Drive B in a Raid 0 configuration (no mirroring). I pulled the drive out of the enclosure and left the A inside. It was recognized but Disk utility but drive A wasn’t mounted. It said something like RAID slice missing…

If data is placed in sequence first on drive A and then B, it must be possible that all my data is still there and intact on A and only B seems to be damaged. I have a second Duo 4T RAID 0 system that is still operational and I mounted next it’s drive B to replace the damaged disk on the first system’s enclosure to see whether the missing files on A were still accessible. It didn’t solve the issue. The original pairs A and B need to be maintained like twins it seems. Separating them and replacing one of their sort with the same from another system doesn’t do a thing.

I don’t want to ship the drives for repair as the data contained are critically confidential (series of passwords that I can’t easily change). Since I believe my original data should still be intact on the A disk, is there any simple way to extract them without their twin B drive? Also, where can I get a B replacement since the product is only 7 months old?


I’m really sorry for the drive that went bad on you.

The information should be distributed on both units to increment the transfer speed.

I’ll recommend you to contact a data recovery to get your files out of the drive.

Check the link below for a list of data recovery companies that we recommend

Another option is to take your kit to an official Apple retail outlet. They usually have technicians well versed in hard disk maintanance.They have software and tools for data  recovery and repair.