Thunderbolt Display USB Hard Drive Issue


I have just picked up a 2nd hand Thunderbolt Display from a friend to replace my old 24 LED Cinema Display which was working great, just fancied a bit more screen real estate and couldn’t pass up on the offer.

I am using this monitor with my Mid 2012 15inch MacBook Pro Retina and have x2 WD MyBook’s connected up through the USB hub on the TB display. On my old monitor these would power down when the computer was shut down. However turning the mac off with the Thunderbolt display connected these drives continue to spin and don’t shut off automatically. I have to go scrambling around in the cupboard to pull c

Can anyone advise of a fix for this? The HD spinning noise isn’t great when your trying to sleep in the same room and obviously won’t do the drives much good if left to spin.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




Have you tried using a different set of cables?