Thunderbolt 4TB G-Drive upgrade to 8TB

Ive tried asking for support from WD on this but they wont respond nor is live chat ever available after weeks of trying, so thought it worth asking here.

I have a 4TB G Drive with thunderbolt and wondered if its possible to upgrade the drive inside to an 8TB drive? I already have two other 8TB thunderbolt G Drives but wanted another and thought i could possibly upgrade the 4TB drive i have so that this will work.

Does anyone know if the 4TB enclosure will support an 8? also anyone know what WD drives they use? i assume it’s the Pro’s and at 7200rpm?



We are sorry for the experience.

I regret to inform you that G-Drive with Thunderbolt maximum comes with 4 TB capacity, hence, the drive can not be upgradeable to 8 TB.

Hi cannot post a new thread, it wont let me? please i need help:

I need help to daisy chain G drives together an 8tb G drive thunderbolt 3 raid and a stand alone 8tb G Drive thunderbolt 3 but it doesnt work properly as the raid rive powers up and down over and over and doesnt mount.

Both have external power etc and im using the right cables. Why doesnt this work?