Thumnails with thumbgen

From all the themes I always read about moviesheets and all these details for movie files.
I need thumbnails for music folders and, very importantly, the detailed view in youtube and other apps.

I cannot read that thin black font on a bright white background - does thumbgen generate thumbs also for these main views?

Try sending a PM to Tinwarble for help on this one.

Thumbgen does not generate anything for music files (although you can make it generate, it just doesn’t do it by default) and it does nothing for youtube (at all).

Also, this is your second post dealing with the same issue, and as I stated in reply to your last post, the issue your are having cannot be solved with Thumbgen.  You will have to either use a theme that uses better text display or alter the mochi (default) theme to display the text so that you can read it better.

What you have to do is something like what I have done with Mojo or Darklight themes, which alter the Music grid views, like this: