Thumnails and images problem

Hello Community,

I’ve tried now about 2 hours including search for a topic in this forum but I don’t know where my problem is.

First here is my setup:
MyBookLive 2TB with Twonky
WD TV Live Streaming

It works since one year very good but now I want some thumbnails for the movies and seasons.
What I know:

  • inside the folder a folder.jpg image

  • the image for the movies has to have the same name like the movie

  • resize those pics to thumbnails

I also tried it with a USB Stick directly with the same setting like on my Mybooklive. And it worked well. Why the **bleep** it doesn’t work with the MybookLive?

So far so good. But my WDTV Live doesn’t show me those thumbnails. Can somebody please explain me where I did a mistake?

the source was not on medialibrary… it was on mediaserver :wink:

But if I choose Media Library the wdtv is so slow, is that normal?
If I choose MediaServer the wdtv is very fast but I don’t get thumbnails.