WD Photo does a excellent job of displaying thumbnails. WD 2go does not appear to have any capability to display thumbnails what’s up with this?

Hi, both should allow you to see thumbnails of your pictures. Try going to the My Book Live Dashboard/Settings/Media/DLNA or Twonky media server/Status and select the option to rebuild.

Check page 112 of the manual.

Is that right Ichigo? I think the OP is referring to the seeing video thumbnails on their phone, tablet or ipad.  From my understanding you can’t with wd2go.  That’s why I’m backing up to Flickr too where I can get 1 TB for free.

The media server is only for streaming to tvs and your laptop isn’t it?

The OP is correct.   WD 2go (at least the iOS versions) doesn’t display thumbnails of any sort; just the “stock” icons to represent type of file.