I just got the 4 gig version of the Passport Pro for storing and editing my photos. I have read some of the posts where people have been having issues getting it to display thumbnail images of photos. The advice given that I can find consisted mainly of making sure the unit wasn’t set to battery optimization mode and to plug it up to 110 volts as the Passport Pro doesn’t create thumbnails on battery to conserve power. Well, I have done both of these and I still cannot get it to display any thumbnails in the app for jpegs. I am using an iPad Pro. If I cannot get it to display thumbnails, it’s basically useless to me as I have a screen of hundreds of icons that I have to click each one to find the one photo I want to edit. There must be a way to get this thing to display thumbnails. In the app help section it says it is capable of doing so.


For anyone reading this please disregard the above post. The thumbnails do normally work. I made a mistake that had evidently caused mine to stop working. I had created another directory and moved all of the factory files, or the files that came on the drive, to it. This included the file. This file has to be in the root directory before your thumbs will work. Once I moved it back to the root directory where it started out, everything worked fine. So if you run into your thumbnails not working make sure your file is in the root directory of the file structure.