HI, when I try to view images on my drive they are not visible I just have an icon instead, why is this?

Remove the “_” from the file name should solve your problem.

it ever use to do it, it is only since I unplugged the drive then plugged
it back in again, as windows 10 stopped showing the drive under the network

In your first post you showed a screen capture of the web portal. As indicated remove the “_” from the file name and the web portal should show the icon of the JPG file.

As to your comment about unplugging the drive and plugged it back in again, what does that mean? Did you turn the My Cloud off and back on? Did you unplug the network cable from the My Cloud? Or are you talking about unplugging a USB external hard drive from the My Cloud?

Windows 10 is having some issues with the My Cloud since the Windows 10 November update. The main issue is the My Cloud does not show up under the Computer section in Windows File Explorer. If this is the case see the following thread which is tacked at the top of the subforum where several possible workarounds are discussed.

the file name has nothing to do with it, as it used to show the thumbnails
of the images,

but since I unplugged/ took the power cable out and then put it back in,
it does not show the thumbnails

On my end it does for some reason. I sometimes have to log out and log back in before the site will properly show the icon image. Its hit or miss.

Before changing extension:

After changing extension:

It may have nothing to do with it but try a different web browser just to verify. Probably won’t help but if you have access to the My Cloud Dashboard try rebuilding or rescanning both the DLNA and iTunes databases.