Thumbnails with networked hub

I have a WD Live hub, and just bought the Live plus for my bedroom.  I am connecting via network to my Live Hub.

The live plus does not display thumbnails for all my videos.  Just random ones.  The thumbnails were all created by the hub.  So for each video, there is a corresponding .xml and .jpg.  All three files are the same name with the appropriate extentions.  

The thumbs display fine on the hub, just not on the live plus.



Solved but founed new problem.  Thumbnails appear when accessed as “Network Share” rather than Media Share.

New problem.  The videos folder shows the cover art as seperate file.  So there are actually two thumbnails, one for the jpg and one for the movie.

I bought the WD Live because they are supposed to work together with the WD hub

Any ideas?

I have the same problem. When browsing “Videos” and then going to Network Share, I can see the movies which in turn have the appropriate image, but I can also see all the “Movie Name.jpg” files in the folder as well.

This wasn’t an issue when the drive was attached via USB but it is a problem when browsing the same drive as a network share or media share.

I cannot say if it is going to be a network share vs media share but I know with the live plus on network share you will have several thumbs along with the movie files new release fixed it you have to put a . in front of the filename so if you movie is wanda and you have a wanda.jpg you need to change it to .wanda.jpg. Please let us know if this helps