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I have a 2TB Mycloud and Xbox one. I try to configure DLNA, it works fine but I have no thumbnails.
I go to twonky server page, all is ok. Xbox one is recognize as Xbox 360, i change to Windows Media player or Windows 7/8 nothing changes.

I configure my windows 10 laptop for streaming medias, and my xbox one shows thumbnails immediately.
I rebuilt database, my firmware is updated, nothing changes.

I try to connect my android phone and i have the same issue.

Could you help me to configure twonky?


This might help:

In particular:

Q. How can I get Twonky to provide full size artwork to media-playing clients?

It may be an issue of ‘Receiver Type’ needing to be set.

I don’t have a Xbox, but I do run BubbleUPnP on Android. And Kinsky on Android and PC. And both of these show thumbnails for the various library ‘views’, and full-size artwork when playing.

So Twonky will serve thumbnails for some DLNA clients…

Thanks for you answer.

In fact, on my android smartphone I can see thumbnails in folders, but no in files.

On the Xbox, neither on folders and files show thumbnails.

I try differents receiver type, nothing change