Thumbnails on tv series

It may just be the OCD in me but is there any way around the changes in some tv thumbnails mid season? Example? Arrow, 9 episodes with one thumbnail, episode 10 then has a different thumbnail so I change he other 9. Episode 11 then has another thumbnail and Ive got to change everything again!
Can you choose your thumbnail? It would kind of neat to have a diiferent thumbnail for a different season of a show, make them stand out a bit?

Hmm.  I’ve never seen the WD do that.

For all the series it’s scraped for me, it uses the same thumbnail across the board.

Are you scraping these at different times?  

Yep! On shows that are currently running…

Then I guess it’s possible the “Top Rated” poster art changes over time.  

At least with MOVIES, the WD chooses the Top-Rated cover art from all available.

I’m not sure how it does it with TV shows; if it’s ratings-based or “First Listed” or whatever.

So how can I “choose” which thumbnail?

Thumbgenis very handy for such things