Thumbnails on DLNA not working good and repeating on every file

Hi, If someone has a clue about this I’d be thankful if it is shared. When I try to access my video files over any DLNA client on my iPad, iPhone or Sony Blu ray, I get most of the videos with the same thumbnail picture on it. It looks like it takes one of them and repeat it on every other file. If I search the videos over my Mac finder or any other Windows file explorer they have the correct picture attached. This is annoying to me but it something I can eventually live with, but for my 5 year old kid who uses the ipad to watch some movies, since He can’t read yet He and uses the picture on the file to identify his movies this is a serious problem.

Encountered this before. The video with that repeating thumbnail is the culprit. Ffmpeg wasn’t able to extract details from the video probably old encoder.

Remove that video or reencode it again on your pc before placing it on your nas video shares. Then rebuild your dlna from the dashboard or e.g. http://wdmycloud:9000/rpc/rebuild

Hi Nazal, thanks for the tip.  It actually helped me figure this out.

After taking out of the folder the files which thumbnail was repeated some files got right but other had issues also.  At the end I solved the problem by adding a jpg file with the same name of every video file and then it got fixed.  Now I see all my videos with its correct thumbnail.

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