Thumbnails now work for video folders!

Ok, so after much headaches and playing around ive got my video files on my FreeNAS share now displaying and working properly. Iformation here was sourced from a lot of places.

The movie folder structure on the FreeNAS box is is…

All Movies





                           etc, etc

           21 Grams




                           etc, etc

  1. “All Movies” is setup as a share on freenas with no username or password and is called “movies”.

  2. Put net.mounts and onto the root of the USB stick and plug into WDTV box.

    note: net.mounts was created with windows notepad and contains only…


    xmount // movies cifs


The IP Address is the IP of the FreeNAS box. Thats it.

Now when i go to Local Drives->USB1 all my videos show up as thumbnails.

Also and this is the real benifit, if i press “Play” it plays the vobs. It does not display the folder.jpg like it does with the standard firmware. So i also dont have to navigate into the folder where the vobs are and find the right file to play.

Maybe this was easy for a lot of people and this is a useless post. So be it, i can live with that.

Until WDTV techs fix the issue im staying with B-Rads solution.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Isn’t this the way B_rad’s firm ware gets a round the thumbnail problem.

It is not a user friendly way to solve the problem but if you are saavy enough, guess it will do for time being.:smiley:

Yes this is of course B-Rads solution. I thought that would have been clear.

Anyway i am just happy it now works. Most of my problems were to do with getting xmount to work with freenas.

I could always access my freenas shares with normal firmware and B-Rads but just didnt get the whole xmount thing.

To be honest i couldnt find anyway in the Freenas setup that tells me the shares i create are nfs or cifs. I could only get

xmount to work with cifs as the option. Also im a PC user not a mac guy so i dont use SSH or even Telnet etc.

It would be good if the cifs-interceptor way of doing it not needing a USB stick would work with folder.jpg etc properly

but i cant seem to make that happen.

Not to people who have no interest/knowledge in hacked firmware or who run a mile at the thought of linux/mounts etc.

Your second paragraph serves to prove my point. It is not strasightforward for 90% of computer users, i.e. the casual users.