Thumbnails From USB


I am a newbie here and with wdtv live as well. What I am trying but somewhat unable to do is to get proper thumbnail of the movie i want to play. Here is what i have done so after doing some google.

  1. Made two folders in WD 1TB passport drive. One is for English movies one is for hindi.

  2. In English movie folder i have sub folders for each movie.

  3. In one movie folder i copied a jpeg image, renamed it to same as movie name.

  4. I got this image while browsing the folder from “Local Drive - USB1 and Folders” option.

  5. The jpeg was copied from

The thumbnail which i got is very small to get any idea of wat it is.

Any help, to get things right.

Ideally, i would love to browse my whole collect is bigger thumbnails images and clicking on them should play the movie. Possible?

I figured it out and it was surprisingly simple.

All i did was right, i only had to do two steps more.

From Main Settings menu of wdtv live, i had to select “Thumnail”. It was in video setting if i recall correctly.

Rest all was just fine. And i can toggle between list view and thumbnail view easily too, just press options button on remote while video list is being displayed and u will get the options to toggle.

Hope it help someone out there :slight_smile:

I wrote above two steps, while thumnails were there in the first step, 2nd was just how to toggle.