Thumbnails for movies & tv shows


what’s up with the live hub not showing movie info/posters etc?

I am seeing this issue ‘only’ when I use the Media Library… if I use network share, then thumbnails for movies are shown, but using media library doesn’t show any thumbs…

As far as I can read here on the forum and other places it is a firmware thing… that I need to roll back to an older firmware?

Is this still the case? And how much in terms of feature and stability will I loose by rolling back to an older firmware?

There wouldn’t happen to be a guide to which FW to use and how?




Roll back to 2.07.17 this seems to be most stable, I am using mojo themes which work (when they want to) it is complicated to get them going and a lot of fiddling around with menu settings etc. I think it is bets to use the meta data and would be using this myself had I not gone so far down the track with the MOJO (a lot of work extracting from folder struct etc)

Anyway good luck


This works for me with the current firmware:

If I take out my VOB files from the VIDEO_TS folder and put them all in the movie folder (the folder the VIDEO_TS was residing in), it will now display thumbnails when I rescan.  

I only have the movie VOB and don’t use menus, so I don’t know if that will cause issues or not.