Thumbnails, Android, and SmartWare/Backup share

I noticed that when I browse the device shares from either the desktop app or the android app, I don’t see any thumbnails in my backups (a lot of images there, hobbyist photographer here). I presume this has to do with the share not being media-scanned, which I also presume it has to do with whether the share has Media Serving on or off. But I also could be wrong. Do I, indeed, need to turn on Media Serving for thumbnails to appear on the applications, specifically on Android? Would it be wise to do so on a backup share?

You don’t need to turn on media sharing to get the thumbnails. The thumbnails you see in the apps are created by background services that scan all content (unfortunately, all the time, unfortunately :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue, I can’t see thumbnails or the actual images most of the time. I see generic icons on all of my pictures, videos and movies. It would be nice to see a thumbnail so I don’t have to click on the 100’s of icons to find the one I want to view. Even when I click on the icons to open the images, video and movies I get an error that says cannot display or it won’t open at all on my android. It doesn’t matter the images format, video or movie. I’ve abandoned using the Windows MyCloud application and started using Windows Explorer instead just to see the icons as they work fine with that. They don’t work on the MyCloud application either :( 

Any suggestions on how to make them appear on the Android app? Is there a list of supported formats? I would think popular formats like .jpg, .jpeg, .mpg, ect. would show thumbnails or the image after selecting them to view but I get nothing most everytime. Every once in a while, if I click on the HD icon (after getting the error message cannot display), hit the back button and then click it again, it will display the image. But only 1 out of every 20 times :frowning: