Thumbnailbuilder & Mac

I read the topic on WDTV Thumbnailbuilder but I am unable to write a message there. (Don’t understand why)

Is there anyone that succeeded in getting this to work on a Mac or know of a similar program that does work on a Mac?

I believe that you will be able to get a thumbnail builder for mac if you search online.

What makes you think I did not look online first?

“Click the Kudos star to say thank you for helpful posts. And be sure to come back to click the ‘Accept as Solution’ button for the post that solved your issue.”

What is tha max Anti Kudos I can give you for a completely useless and superfluous answer?


Well thats a good way to get answers don’t you think. Insult a person who takes the time to reply.

Someone that tells you a thing that everyone already knows is a useless reply. “I believe …”  Well I believe in “better no answer than a 100% useless answer”.

And once again: I did check first whether the mentioned tool was available for Mac. Result: it is not.

PS: I return the WD TV Live to the reseller because it lacks too many features.

You never said that you had searched everywhere in your original post. In fact you may have given the impression that you are not internet savvy by saying you could not post in the thumbnailbuilder topic. We do get a number of questions from people who obviously never took the trouble to search online and expect somebody on the forum to do it for them. Unfortunately we also get more than our share of arrogant posters as well.

The fact that I clearly know I should have posted in the Thumbnail topic shows that I am quite capable. The reason I coud not post there is still a mystery.  it also implies that I did heck that subforum for my question. 

I am a moderator on 2 different board and we do not like arrogant repliers that answer to wuestion by telling ‘Google that question’ and are only interested in upping their messagecount. I do not mean you by that but the original replier. 

The rule should be “If you have nothing to add than there is no use in replying”.

TonVH:   Which tool are you actually talking about?   LOTS of different things show up when searching for WDTV Thumbnail builder.

The (Windows) version can be found here:  WDTV Thumbnail Builder  and it is discussed here but as far as I checked there is no Mac version of it. The only thing that comes near is DuneX which has a (rather primitive) option to generate WD TV stuff but is not very stable.

It would be a major salespoint if WD had such tools for Mac. but only very few manufactures do have that.

To me it is not very important anymore since I decided not to go further with the WD TV. Mainly for other reasons.