Thumbnail views

Can one of the existing hub owners please answer the following questions:

  1. how many thumbnails are used for each media type (ie. video/music/photo) - for example 6 columns x 3 rows

  2. is it possible to change the number of thumbnails for each view (ie. pick from a pre-defined list)?  I find with my existing WDTV there are simply not enough thumbnails on screen at once, especially for music and there is a lot of wasted screen space.

VIDEO has two options:  3x3 and 4x4.   There’s also a gallery view which is like 9 or 10 in a single row.

MUSIC is 3 across and 4 down.

Don’t remember what PHOTO is.

Many thanks.

Although better than the WDTV gen1/2, that still seems fairly limited.  Only 12 thumbs for a music view?  Do WD not appreciate how many people have large screen TVs these days, not to mention large digital music collections.  I only hope the custom themes allow this to be modified.

The difference is that it’s not just a THUMBNAIL.   There’s other data shown for each item; “Favorite, Rating, Title,” etc…

There’s plenty of pictures around here of the UI to view…