Thumbnail view (poster images) through Network Share?

Any way I can view thumbnails as I do when viewing when searching through USB HDD ?

I have since desided that streaming is much easier for me than having to transfer from PC to HDD but one feature that is missing from that is seeing the “movies poster” when looking at my selections. As of now if I have a .jpg with the same name as the video file, it just shows the image next to the video file which has a default icon.

Maybe Network Share is not the way to go and Media Server is better ?

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Thanks In Advance.

Well, if it’s showing the default icon for the video, and the image separately, then you need to make absolutely sure the filenames are EXACTLY the same except for the extension.  

Interesting, because that is in fact what I did. I figured it had to be the same process as when adding to the external (USB) HDD so you could “see” what video  you wanted to play.

But doing this same process, viewing from the PC folder via network, I see the “poster” as well as the video file next to it even when named the same thing. Perhaps something in settings somewhere ?

We’re now talking about two different things.

A “Duplicate Thumbnail” has been a longstanding limitation when used via Network Shares.

But previously, you said you’re not seeing a DUPLICATE.  You said you’re basically getting NO Thumbnail on the Movie, but can see the JPG file.   

Which case is it?

Sorry for the confusion here …

When I look in my folder (via WDTV network) that has a video AND the matching movie poster, I see the video file as well as the movie poster to go along with it.

Now when doing this to view the video via USB HDD, you only see one file which is the video file but it has the image of the movie poster because both files are named the same thing except the extention.

But viewing via network, I can see both, but the video file is just some default image I am guessing WDTV is giving.

That better explain what I mean ?

I am not getting any “duplicate” images.

Sorry, I don’t know what would be causing that problem…