Thumbnail resolution?

Sorry if this has been answered/asked already but I couldn’t find it. Can anyone tell me what the ideal resoultion should be for thumbnails?

200x300, IMHO

I was tempted to go with larger, but I found that when a show is selected in gallery view, and the associated thumbnail is enlarged next to the show information, the thumbnail will be cropped to the central 200x300 portion.  Sometimes this can be used to good effect (i.e. zoom in on something interesting, cut out text, etc.)  but usually I just go with 200x300 total.

Also, others have said they have had problems with larger thumbnails hanging, not showing, or crashing things, but I haven’t had that happen.  

The ideal resolution for thumbnails is 278*185 pixels!

Acutally, the size doesn’t really matter as long as you keep the ratio right.

Thumbnails should be 185 X 278, but you can increase the size to what ever you want as long as you keep the same ratio.

Mine, for instance, are 251 X 364, which work out really well.

You can fix the croping problem the other poster mentioned with the Thumbnail next to the metadata (which is the “Poster” image), by fixing a line in the theme xml.  By opening the xml “rv_gallery_browse_page.xml” and changing this line:


to this:

    <image image="@@poster" x=“57” y=“172” w=“176” h=“261” align=“hcenter” scale_type=“fixratio” scale=“100”  />

It will keep the “Poster” thumbnail image from being croped.

If you are using the Mochi theme, you have to do a couple of extra steps.  Just open the “wd_tv / theme” folder (from your PC) and create an new folder named “Mochi 2”, then copy the “rv_gallery_browse_page.xml” from the “Leagcy” theme.  Then paste it in the Mochi 2 folder and edit it as stated above.

Then all you have to do is to select the “Mochi 2” theme on the HUB.

Thank you everyone for the replies! I appreciate it! :smileyvery-happy: