Thumbnail Issue

Hi there, looking for a little help. I must be missing something!

I have a video that doesn’t have a thumbnail available from any of the sources online. No big deal, so I just found the DVD cover Jpg, resized it to 400 KB, and then renamed it .metathumb (same name as the video file).

It won’t show up on the Hub! I’ve tried rescanning the folder, holding the power for 3 seconds or unplugging. The thumbnail doesn’t show up at all in the hidden thumb folder.

Is there some requirement I’m missing that would keep it from showing? 

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if there’s a size limitation, but 400KB for a thumbnail seems WAAAAY too large.

My thumbnails are only around 20-30KB each.

Thanks for the help. I shrunk it down to 46kb but it’s still the same result. I’m confused, I feel like I must be missing something. 

have you tried putting the video in its own folder with a jpg picture of the film, then rename the jpg to folder

I put the jpg files in the folders with my video files. That seems to work best. 

I did find there was a size limitation, but when I keep the width to 400 pixels, they work fine. The metathumb will be created by the system when it does a library refresh. I have had no luck with trying to create my own metathumbs, it never seems to recognize them.