Thumbnail Image Problems with Folders

I’m using the WD TV Live Plus.

I found that it is possible for the WD to associate an image with any video file (.avi, .mpeg, .mkv, etc).  So when I enter my MOVIES folder on the TV, I see artwork for each of my movie files.  This only works when the options in the WD settings are on Thumbnail mode.  Note that the image title has the be identical to the media title for the WD to associate the image with the media file (save for the file extension).  For the file HARRY POTTER.avi, my image must be HARRY POTTER.jpg.  That’s all well and good for FILE-ARTWORK, but I’m having a bit of an issue with the FOLDER-ARTWORK.

There are 2 problems.  Apparently, a folder will display the first image that is contained within the folder.  For example, when I load my Videos, I initially see a MOVIES folder and a TV SHOWS folder.  When entering my MOVIES folder, I have many files, each of which displays artwork.  Since these are listed in alphabetical order, the first file in my MOVIES folder is 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.  But the first problem is when I go back (to where I can choose to enter either the MOVIES or TV SHOWS folder).  My MOVIES folder will display the first image that is contained within it.  In this case, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.  It’s very annoying, because my MOVIES folder doesn’t contain just that one video.  I want a generic image to be associated with the folder, not the first image that shows up in it.  Is there a way to change this setting?

Second problem is again related to how a FOLDER dispays an image (note that files display the images just fine).  For example, I have The Simpsons Seasons 1-9.  I put all episodes in their appropriate folder, and an image to go with each one.  It looks great, except that right in the middle of the Thumbnail, you see a little icon of a folder+filmstrip.  Is there any way to get rid of that, so I can see the image without the annoying icon?

It sounds like you’re using Network Shares and seeing files you wouldn’t normally see when you have the same files on a USB drive connected directly to the Live.  If so, this is one of the oldest bugs around.

That folder icon annoyance is a somewhat recent bug too.  

I recently found a solution to these stupid bugs in network shares.  I finally switched to DLNA streaming thanks to a DLNA server called Serviio.  It’s customizable enough to make it look like you’re browsing network shares and will grab thumbnails from your video if there’s no corresponding jpeg.  You can specify the types of files you want to see in the shared path, but if there is a moviename.jpg in the same folder, it will show as thumbnail for that file (as its supposed to in network shares).  Playback is more reliable too when I’d get massive stuttering on higher bitrate files through network shares.  I’m no Serviio shill, just happy with the software.

If this has nothing to do with your question, my bad!