Thumbnail frustration

My goal is simple:  Access my WD hub videos (mkv and iso) which is on my main TV, from my bedroom TV with a thumbnail view.

I have a WD Hub on my main TV networked and all the movie metadata was generated with the hub.  I have no problems streaming the videos, this is all UI issues.

I have tried:

1.  Samsung blu-ray with networking DNLA capability.  Natively, this did not work to stream my mkv files as it has issues with the Twonky server.  Secondly, it did not generate thumbnails.

2.  Samsung blu ray, my PC with serviio.  My work around was using Serviio and the Samsung player to access the hub, This worked, thumbnails and all, but this relied on using my PC as a bridge between the Samsung player and the hub.  If I turn off my PC, this method fails.

3.  Purchased a WD live plus to go in the bedroom.  According to WD web site, the various media players are supposed to work well together.  This worked as I hoped, but has an annoying “bug” that looks like will never be addressed.  The WD live displays 2 thumbnails for each movie, one for the video file and one for the jpg.  I also dislike the WD live UI compared to the Samsung and WD hub.

Has anyone had success with other set top boxes, or success in general?


Hi there.

Did you have any luck? I would like to know as well…

See here.

What I ended up doing is applying WDLXTV to my Live.  This firmware allows you to mount the network share as a local drive.  This corrects the thumbnail bug.  I can also now do other cool things.