Thumbnail display

Happy holidays, all!
I’m having problems viewing thumbnails for my movies. The files are DVDs I own that I’ve ripped. My current structure is like this:
…Movie 1’s files (VOBS,etc, everything that comes from a full DVD rip)
…Movie 1.jpeg

It will show the thumbnail in the gallery view, but when I select the movie it takes me to another screen with the generic ‘video’ icon, but no thumbnail.

I’ve tried renaming the jpeg after a couple of the VOB files, but still nothing.

If anyone knows of a set up wherein once selecting the MOVIE1 folder the movie will play, or a way to at least show the thumbnail after selecting the MOVIE 1 folder I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Sorry if this is a ridiculous question. Only had the box a couple of weeks and I’m still trying to figure out the particulars. Thanks, again!

i would rename the thumnail folder.jpg and drop it in the folder containing the movie itself…worked for me

That’s what I’ve done, and it kind of works. In my current set up I have all my movie files in their own folder named after the movie. For example, “Captain America” contains all the video files you get from a full DVD rip, and the Captain America folder is then housed under “Movies”. When I access “Movies” I do see the thumbnails for each individual title, but when I select them I’m taken to another screen where there is only a generic video icon, but no thumbnail. I’ll admit this is more of a cosmetic issue than anything. When I select the video icon the movie plays fine, but I’m hoping there’s a way to either have the movie start when selecting the thumbnail I can see, or at least see the thumbnail once it’s selected from the “Movies” folder.

if you want to simplify things make your dvd rip as a single file like a disc image file such as an ISO. That way it’s not contained in an extra folder and can have a thumbnail associated with it just like any other file

Thanks! That is a perfect solution. I know I’m showing my ignorance here, but I’ve just starting backing up my DVDs to a hard drive and didn’t know you could convert all those seperate files into a single file. That will streamline things nicely. Thanks again!