Thumbnail display on but only shows files as a list?


We just got a new WD TV Mini media player. We have an Hitachi portable USB hard drive pluged into it to view our AVI movies which play ok.

We have the WD set to Thumbnail view in the settings, but it only shows them as a list with a mini preview of the movie that starts to play when you highlight the file.

The USB hard drive does have the AVI movie in a folder with a JPEG with same name, even contains another JPEG named Folder, but its not showing the poster jpeg.

Any help?

Have you tried to place that photo in a folder that doesnt have a AVI movie. See if it recognizes the picture it self.

I personally haven’t tried it but sort of remember reading somewhere about the pic having to be a certain size. ???

Might be a bad suggestion but that’s where I’d start.