Thumbgen v1.3.8.3 blank movies results/sheets

thumbgen v1.3.8.3 not finding movies the results are blank moviesheets i have internet access i also deleted the program reinstall the program stil same results blank moviesheets…could anybody help me thanx in advance

Wow… Funny thing, i to am having that same issue right now.

It’s not TG…it may now need an update but here:

From the Movie Database forum:

The long and short of it is that we shut down the 2.1 API and it looks like Ember was still to some degree using it. You will have to wait for for an update that corrects this issue from the Ember guys.

Read here:


Well at least the TV Show scraping for TG still works lol

update from developer here:

what does your horrible experience with WD have to do with a thembgen issue cause by a 3rd party website API?

drizzt09, it’s disgruntled user spam (over 30 of them today, from the same user …all over the forum)

I can’t wait to buy the next Western Digital device, when racists and people with temper issues hate them I must love them. :smiley:

1.3.9 is released… check your updates

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drizzt09 wrote:

1.3.9 is released… check your updates

Yahooooooooooooo! Thanks for the info Drizzt09 and to TG for the update.


does anyone have problems with the TV Episodes now or am I having a temporary problem right now?

Am using and TV series episodes are working fine for me.


There’s a already so he may have fixed a couple of new bugs.