Thumbgen, TV Shows and Banner artwork


I’m currently running all my TV shows through Thumbgen using Brightly Dark’s TV Episode template.  This particular theme uses a Banner image loaded as %FANART2%.  I selected  “Use wide banner as FANART2” but Banner image was not being loaded.   Then I realised I also needed to check on “Retrieve all banners as backdrops”. I did that and it worked great…until I noticed that some of the wide banners were used for the backdrops and screenshots.  

Is there a way to stop this from happening? I’ve used other templates before but this is the first to use banners, so I’m a bit lost.



you can’t stop it in automatic mode, only in semi automatic or manual mode

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Thanks DeVicious.  Will have a try at semi-auto but I suspect that’s still gonna require my intervention for each episode, and I have hundreds!

Looks like the best way forward is to load the banners from disk and ditch %FANART2%.