Thumbgen takes a very long time to gather info

Is it normal for Thumbgen to take a long time to gather info? I am using it to generate moviesheets for my movies using MOJO and it takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes, sometimes even longer, to gather info for a movie.

There has to be a faster way to generate these moviesheets.

No, there’s really no faster way.  This is not really as much a TG issue though as it is with how long it takes to extract the movie info from the Collector that your using.

mine takes around 30seconds to 3 minutes tops, i’m only using one collector for everything, maybe you can try unchecking all the other collectors and try using one.

It was my fault actually. I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was doing each movie individually instead of checking off all the movies at one time. Once I do that and use manual mode, Thumbgen processes the movies a lot faster. Takes about 20 seconds per movie now.