Thumbgen sheets not working on my WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

I presume that is what I have. Wider than the old WD TV Live, Big remote and totally different menu interface. I created manually one at a time using Thumbgen and they are there on my external drive the .tgmd and _sheet files for each movie but when I go to the Videos folder on the drive they all say no info and just the thumbnail. However annoyingly the sheet jpgs now appear after a while as a full screen slideshow. Help please. I’m running firmware version 1.10.13 which the WD Box says is the latest firmware 07/2012

Also it only creates those two files plus  a jpg. There is no .xml file. Is that because Thumbgen latest version no longer uses that?

The reason that it isn’t working is because you don’t have a xml file.

You should have at least 3 files associated with each video.

filename.xml (metadata)

filename.jpg (coverart)

filename_sheet.jpg (moviesheet)

the filename.tgmd is a internal Thumbgen file and isn’t used by the SMP.

If your haveing troubles, try reading this:

This is for my 2 themes, however the basic settings for nearly every theme are the same and this will walk you through them.

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I read the guide (which was great, very informative and most importantly, easy to read and understand…thanks!) but is this also compatible with WD Live Streaming Media Player (Product Model WDBHG70000NBK-HESN)? I believe this is the latest version. If it is, is setup the same? I stream my media from my PC and don’t have any HD connected to the media player physically. Also, I would like to change the theme if possible. Can you direct me as to how to go about doing it?  Thanks in advance.

Yes, the Thumbgen guide is the same for the SMP (HUB and SMP are basically the same).  I’m actually in the process of updating the guide again to include both the HUB and SMP directions.

Anyway, as for changing a theme you can follow the directions here:

Look at the directions under the download links.

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Great info. Thanks. I will try to work on this tonight when I get home.

Can you explain why the latest Thumbgen created a tmgd file instead of an XML file? Is it a checkbox I need to turn on?

You need to select “Movie Information” in “Options” or “Generate .nfo file” when you get ready to generate.

If you have it set up correctly, generating a .nfo will actually generate a .xml.  What you have now is generate metadata, which is to generate the thumbgen metadata (tgmd = ThumbGen MetaData).  You should generate this file to because it will make it easier if you have to regenerate the data for a different theme.

If you followed my guide, make sure you go back and look at pages 4 & 5.

I’m a little unclear also as to the folder hierachy in Templates. Unpacking the zips I get a Mojo Folder and another Folder called Mojo_Glass_sheet2 with a folder in it called Common and several small files. So I’ve put the Mojo Folder in Templates Folder and then the Mojo_Glass_sheet2 Folder inside the Mojo Folder.  Same with Darklight 2 with the Darklight Folder inside it. The Mojo one works fine but when I check the Darklight one it says the path to Templates\Darklight 2\Mojo_Glass_sheet2\Audio_Video_bar.png could not be found. 

Ok, when you download the template zip files, there should only be one folder in each at the root of the zip.

These go directly in the Template folder.  DO NOT create a new folder inside the Templates folder.

You should have this:

Thumbgen (folder)

     Templates (folder)

            Mojo_glass_sheet2 (folder)

            Darklight (folder)

            TW No Cover Box_SMP 194X369 (folder)

All you have to do is unzip each zip file directly to the Templates folder.

Also, there should not be a Darklight2.  Make sure you are downloading the correct files from here:

I’ve already check the links and they are all correct.

Thanks so much for all this help. I’m close now. I’m using Mojo as I can’t get Darklight to work. I got Mojo working with nice Mainsheet backdrop to the movies but had no Thumbnail. Then I realised you need t o add the Extras Tab and get the TW No Cover Box_SMP 194X369 for that. Now when I run the drive I get the Thumbnail but now the Main sheet isn’t visible. Even though the Synopsis and all the other text is there. Also I used your link to get When y ou unpack it it has a folder called Darlight with two folder in that called Common and Darklight again and in t he Darklight is the DArklight screen. So I pt it in as you told me but no luck. Seems unable to work it out. I checked the drive and the correct Film_sheet.jpgs are there and are the right ones.

Well, lets concentrate on Mojo for now, we can come back to Darklight later.

Go to Options in Thumbgen and make sure that your setting match these 2 settings

Will try it Monday. Only work fri, sat, sun long shifts for a full week so will let you know then. Again really apprecthe help helpwhat’ve clicked all kudos for you. I got conwith you’re your downloads before and was combining the themselves with the movie sheets   Fixed that now :smiley:

I’m back. OK Now I got it to work. What I had wrong was the box for Movieinfoexport. I had it as default not Export using WD TV Live Hub format. I only got it to work with your Mojo Moviesheet template 1. If I switched to Mojo Moviesheet template 2, your latest, I got errors like this.

  Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 9.13.26 AM.png

The movie was Arthur Christmas. So an Aardman Animation movie. But your original Mojo Moviesheet worked fine.

Also I find that the movie synopsis and Genre etc details obscures too much of the lovely moviesheet underneath. And if I use Thumbgens default moviesheet the white synopsis text completely obscures that Moviesheet. How can I modify that? Is there one checkbox that creates all that? I’m using VMWare Fusion 4 on my Mac to do all this as there is no Mac equivalent of Thumbgen but it isn’t interfering and works fine.

So to sum up I have a solution once I saw that I had the export Movieinfo box wrong and fixed it from your diagram.

Well, my first fix would be to get rid of your Mac and get a PC. :smileyvery-happy:

The problem seems to be with the VM, because it is looking for studio images and if they don’t exist then it is giving you an error.  Unlike on a PC, where when TG looks for a studio image (or any image) and it doesn’t exist it just skips it and pulls up the rest of the data without giving an error message.

Although I do have a lot of studios in my Common folder, I can’t have them all because there are just too many, nor can I predict how, who ever has inputed the data with TMDB, named the studio.  And if the name doesn’t match exactly then you are going to get this error.  I also can’t know which studio someone has used first in the TMDB data (since most movies have multiple studios) and many times the main studio isn’t first.

The only thing that you can do is to either copy the studio image that I do have and then name the copy the same name that appears in the error message, or if it doesn’t exist, make a studio image for the studio that it is looking for.

For the case of Arthur Christmas, I do have a image for Aardman Animations, but you will need to copy that image and rename the copy to Aardman Animation, without the “s”.  That should keep you from getting an error message, at least for that movie.

Many thanks for all that help. Am on my own now. Get rid of my Mac?? NEVER. :manlol:


Installed Thumbgen on my wife’s PC. it works much better on the real thing. No problems at all. Even got Darklight going. Lesson learned. 

OK, I have generated all the necessary files but I need clarification on something. I have all my movies in individual folders which contain the files. How do I get the theme to show the moviesheets? Mind you I have hundreds of movies and shows. The TV shows and series I know work best in one folder (Season 1, Season 2, etc) just for searching purposes but what about individual shows and movies? How do I display the moviesheets? I am using the KUDOS V4 theme:

I have checked all settings in ThumbGen and have all templates in place but when browsing my files (WD 2.5 TB external HD plugged directly into SMP) I go to VIDEOS>MOVIES (folder), all my individual movie folders are identified by thumbnails but the actual video file (.avi, .mkv, etc) is inside that.

Do I have to select “view info” to see the moviesheets or shouldn’t the moviesheet show when selecting individual folders using the “OK” button? Please help. Thank you.

Hampone wrote:



Do I have to select “view info” to see the moviesheets or shouldn’t the moviesheet show when selecting individual folders using the “OK” button? Please help. Thank you.> I don’t think moviesheets show in your folder view, you will need to open each movie folder to see the moviesheet and movie thumbnail.> Most members either put all their movies in 1 folder or individual genre folders.> Cheers

Sorry to barge in on this, but I too am having problems with the .xml generation in ThumbGen. I have followed the guide to the letter and still no .xml file is generated with my movies. Any clues and help is greatly appreciated as I am ready to give up and move on without moviesheets.

Hampone wrote:

Sorry to barge in on this, but I too am having problems with the .xml generation in ThumbGen. I have followed the guide to the letter and still no .xml file is generated with my movies. Any clues and help is greatly appreciated as I am ready to give up and move on without moviesheets.

I had this problem yesterday. I installed ThumGen and followed the ThumbGen Guide step by step but I got no xml files.

After 1 hour testing I changed the Movieinfo export to .xml (after installation it was default on .nfo ).


Sorry for my bad english. :wink:

I got the same problem, but for TV Series.

I found out that the latest firmware was not compatible, so i rolled back to the previous firmware.

Im using as theme Kudos V4.1 Beta 03

My firmware is  Firmware Ver. 1.11.14

I used the sheets from  Lstar337 with ThumbGen, followed his guide with his settings, followed the guide from  Tinwarble and the sheets don’t show.

Also, everytime i generate an xml file, my SMP overrules the thumbs, and starts downloading backdrops, i have Media Library settings off, and get source to manual.


 - Series

  - Series Name


   - Season 01




     release name.ext

     release name.jpg

     release name.ext_sheet.jpg

     release name.tgmd