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Hey guys & gals,

Since Thumbgen has, & probably will become even more so, an integral part of themes and theming, I thought it deserved it’s own thread so that questions could be asked and answered without them being posted any other threads were someone new can’t find the answer.

If you have a question and you are using a particular theme, make sure that you tell which theme you are using as different themes have different methods for implementing moviesheets.

You can also find a Tutorial HERE.  This was developed for my Mojo theme, but even so, should help you at the least in getting started.  I will try to update this Tutorial some time later to also include how to generate moviesheets for TV shows (you can find my old Tutorial HERE, but it is somewhat outdated) and more details about what different functions of TG do. 


Does anyone know of a good Thumbgen Designer tutorial? - thanks for any replies

I don’t know of any right now, but I am going to work on one later.  But you can check HERE, you might find some info.

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Well I find your tutorials very clear and easy to follow so I will wait for yours TW. So get to it! :stuck_out_tongue:

TW, I’d just like to thank you for the MOJO TG tutorial you did aswell, it helped me greatly. I’m shocked no one has done a comprehensive TG Designer tutorial thought!?

I notice that the output resolution of the moviesheets is 1280x720. Is there a way to output them at 1920x1080, and if yes, How do you do it and is it really noticeable on the hub?

Your welcome.

As for your question, I had already answered that HERE.

Also, if your asking can you output a 1920x1080 sheet using a 1280x720 template, then no.

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Is it ready yet??? :stuck_out_tongue:

HI TW or anyone else, I was just wondering does Thumbgen Designer create the “rv_gallery_browse_page” xml or any part of it?, or do you have to edit the rv gallery browse page.xml by hand?

No, TG Designer has nothing to do with the theme xml’s.  The only thing TGD does is create moviesheets or coverbox that can be used with Thumbgen.

Anything to do with the theme has to be edited manually, and TG or TGD has nothing to do with that.

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Thank for explaining that TW:smiley:

I was just wondering if it was possible to use two different moviesheets for Gallery view and also other views at the same time?, for instance this view (first and second pic) for Grid View:

and this view for Gallery

No, the variables used in the Gallery view can’t be used in any other view.

(The “Variables” are what allow the poster, metadata, etc. to be displayed)

And unless WD fixes it so that the same variables can be used in all the views, there will not be anyway to do the same things in the other views that can be done in the Gallery view.

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Hi TW, So it wouldnt be possible to have these two views in one theme?(Gallery and Grid)

No.  You could have one or the other, but not both.

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As always thanks for clearing that up for me TW. I have to say this community is far more friendly than others that I have been involved in!. Thanks again :smiley:

Just curious… what themes are those mentioned above… ? Looks really good.

Those are not themes, just modifications to the Legacy themes Gallery View.  You can find it HERE.

But please keep your questions in this thread reserved to questions or answers about THUMBGEN or THUMBGEN DESIGNER.  If you have a question about a particular theme or a theming question, please start a new thread.

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Hi TW & everyone, More questions!, I’m still feeling like a new born baby with TG!. Under the TOOLS tab in TG, what is “Choose Sheet Mode” , Choose STD Mode and Choose WALL Mode used for?. Also under the tab “Import” I noticed a tab for “ Movie Collector”. I’ve used this program for several years to calelogue my 2000 odd dvd’s, what use can I make of this?

Thanks for any help.

Under the Tools tab, “Choose Sheet Mode” is not used for the HUB.  This is for other media players that use Moviesheets natively and can use Telnet/SHH to change the mode in which moviesheets can be displayed.

Although, most people who have used TG with the HUB only know “Moviesheets” as the background image created by TG, “Moviesheets” is also a type of program intergrated into some firmwares that allows the sheets to be displayed natively.  The media players that can display the sheets natively can also have how the sheets are displayed changed.

“Choose Sheet Mode” though can do nothing in the HUB, and can not be used.

Also, the “Import” tab is not used.  It may be something that Thumbgen may add to the features in the future, but right now it is not used.

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