Thumbgen help

Hi people

Ive run into a snafu, to get my movie sheet to work while browsing i have moved them out of folder so they are like this 


movie 1

movie 2 

movie 3

but not i get a thumbgen error when i want to update moviesheet, the given paths format is not supported, I have this in inout nameing “$M$N$E_sheet” it worked when my folder was 




hope someone can help :smiley:

How are you trying to regenerate you moviesheets?  If you are trying to regenerate using the metadata, then the most likely reason you are getting that message is because you movie the data and now that path doesn’t exist.

You will probably have to redo them manually (Manual Mode).

It’s really hard to say what your problem is if that is not it, because you didn’t say exactly what you were doing in TG.  More info might be helpful.  However, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with your input / output naming.

Hi Tinwarble 

Firstly I find it amazing youre everywhere on these forums and always willing to Help THANK YOU ;) 

I wanted to redo my moviesheet by create from metadata coz i changed the background, and then i got the error message I found a fix for it though in the mean time I created a folder in my movie folder and moved all files into it and then it worked, like this "cartoons - new folder . movie1 movie 2… I just find it weird