Thumbgen help needed

I can not get the metadata to show in mojo or darknight, only the default.

Dark Night


Metadata for Mojo and “DARKLIGHT” is not generated on the sheet.

The metadata is drawn from the metadata xml file.   It also appears that you have a corrupted or you copied the template for “Mojo” incorrectly to the template folder, because the media info images are in the wrong place and are the wrong images.

This is how a sheet for Darklight should be generated:

And for Mojo:

Thanks for the quick reply

The first one is Darknight and the second is the Default theme to show the Difference in the Info.

So Mojo and Darknight  will not show the movie info as the default does?

If this is the case how can I use the default theme?

First, “DARKLIGHT” not “Darknight”.

Second, the default theme uses the xml data the same way.  The “default” moviesheet in Thumbgen is NOT used by the default theme (Mochi) because the default theme doesn’t require generating data with Thumbgen.

Mojo, Darklight and Mochi (the default theme) all use the metadata xml to display the metadata.  As long as you generate the metadata xml for each movie the metadata will display.

Sorry about that… my brain is stuck on the movie Darknight.
I will uninstall and reinstall and try again.
Thanks again