Thumbgen done, but how to see it on my wd live smp?


I have finished to choose my edits with thumbgen. I have those files now in my video folder:


tgmd file


nfo file

when i start my wd live tv there is no changes… do i need to configure something in wd tv to see those new changes?

1st thing that is wrong … nfo file  it has to be an xml file  check your thumbgen options again.

I changed this to xml and still nothing happends, still no xml file visible in the folder. I use an theme called simplicity. i also tried with default theme and still nothing seen. If i go to default view there is an small red exclamation shown in the left top corner.

Did you install the bundle for Thumbgen that comes with Simplicity? This should setup TG properly for you and intstall the fonts you will need.