Thumbgen designer- version expired 01-04-11 !?!

Thumbgen or anyone else help?

Was working on thumbgen designer last night and at 5 mins past 12.00 midnight TGD shutdown and now i can’t open up the software without getting message-

‘This version expired on 01.04.2011’


Which would sound fair enough, I thought perhaps a new version is now ready for release/ download, but this is not so, nothing on host website and did a google on problem and no matches!! hmmm.

Tried downloading an earlier version and same problem but with an earlier date ., i.e 01.04.2010

This can’t imagine to a problem with my operating system as i have tried it both at home and work pc’s, SO please anyone any answers or suggestions?

perhaps someone can try their TG designer?

I have nearly finished my 1st moviesheet, but need some further tweaking so i’m really keen and eager to get work finished off.

I await expectantly for a kind reply! 

PS version running (or trying to) V.1.0.15

same message for me

interesting Patatozor, just hope TG see this post!

modify the sysdate of your computer   march the first

 and it works again :slight_smile:

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excellent thanks!

Still hope TG see the post to fix bug.

Great now i can do some more work on my moviesheet whilst on my lunch break in work!! happy days. 

Are you sure that it is not an April fools joke?

Has anybody contacted the developer?

He has an internet site and a facebook page


JOKE- had thought of that after the event!!

It looks like a joke as it expires as soon as april 1 hits. but april fools is from midnight to to noon. It does not work for me at 1230 EST so mayb the designer is in a different timezone unless he set the joke to run the whole day.

not a joke

If I modify my sysdate to april 2nd : same message :cry:

Guess What- new version available !!!

downloading as i type.

V1.0.16 - haven’t checked out fixes or anything yet


Nice, Thank you for the heads up


Sorry for the “TGD Expired” problem… I forgot that check there (was meant for the beta phase).

v1.0.16 does not bring any new features/fixes but it removes that date-check.

I really hope I’ll be soon free again to continue working on the ThumbGen apps; for the moment I am caught with some other projects and TG is “on hold”.