Thumbgen and TV Shows (i.e. 24-Live Another Day)

I’m hoping someone can help with this… Thank you in advance. I am using the Simplicity Theme from DeVicious.

When using thumbgen for TV Shows, most of the time, it is working fine. It populates all fields correctly, loads the correct templates, etc… Whenever it is unable to find a TV show, or correctly match (even when using the IMDB Designation instead of the Title), the Thumbgen information panel, where all text is entered, defaults to NON-TELEVISION. I’ve included a screenshot of each of these cases below…

If it CAN NOT find the TV Show, is there any way for thumbgen to just load an “empty” television show sheet, for me to manually enter the information, and then populate the moviesheet/linksheet? I’ve not been able to accomplish that, and fear that I am missing something simple. I’m getting really frustrated. 

Here is the desired output:

Here is the problem:


When thumbgen doesnt find one of my shows,I simply use another show & run thumbgen in manual mode & just change all the info manually