Thumbgen and SMP Media Scraping side by side?

Hi folks, just joined the ranks of SMP owners, and I’m loving it.

Having been using the Media Library, and all the backdrops, is fanstastic. I gather (from reading here) that the metadata and backdrops are only available for the files themselves, and not the folders and subfolders they are in (say, series, or season. Is this correct?

I understand that Thumbgen is the alternative if I want to add backdrop art and nfo for sereis and seasons, and I’m working my way through that at the moment.

My question is pretty much whether the SMP’s own media scraping and the Thumbgen stuff can live side by side, or are they mutually exclusive?

I’m using the great Darklight them, though I haven’t generated any sheets with the Darklight Thumbgen profile yet…I’m waiting to work things out by reading here.

Sorry for my noobishness, appreciate any advice (very much a non-tech-head)

Hey eldorado, welcome.

First, No, metadata & backdrops can’t be displayed for folders.

Second, yes, Thumbgen just generates the same info as the SMP so there should be no conflct.  However, I would suggest that you change any .metathumbs to .jpg images for the coverart.  Also, right now TG does not generate the correct xml format (you have to make sure to generate as .xml, not .nfo) for TV shows, however, the I have contacted the developer about this and he is working on it.  So this might change in the next update for TG.

And if you are using my Darklight theme, all the info you need can be found here:

This is for my Mojo theme, but it is the same instructions for Darklight.

Thank, Tinwarble…much appreciated.

I’m checking out the video now, and the document support. My lack of success with Thumbgen so far leads me to think I’m going to have use the Renamer program on alot of my files. Heaps of documentary series, particularly. Thetvdb says they are there, so finding the right one seems to be the issue…

This place is a great way to learn, thanks for your work with the themes and general support.