Thumbgen adjustment for TV episodes

Using thumbgen to generate my movie and tv sheets.  When doing tv episodes I find myself copying and pasting the Episode Plot into the Overview box and copying and pasting the Episode title into the Title box.

So I  want thumbgen to automatically use these rather than me copying and pasting them.

When I look at thumbgen to try and mod the template I see that Title element is %TITLE%   and the overview or movie description is %PLOT%   …   What can I do to make these Episode Title and Episode plot  is it a simple means of renaming %…% to the proper element, something like %Episode Plot% or what have you? if so what?


Just having a look at a TV Template I use



So yeah I think so

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ya if you check the difference between my 2 templates:

JSmod Movie Template-drizzt09

JSmod TV Template-drizzt09

You will see the differences when you open them both in designer.

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excellent, worked like a chram, funny thing was I had ‘Episode title’  and Episode plot’ , just needed to get rid of the spaces, thanks greatly much appreciated