Thumbgen options question

I’ve been using thumbgen (in this version) fine for a long time, but recently had to start all over on a new hard drive.  I don’t remember all the options I had set on the previous HDU so I need help getting a minor problem fixed.

When I generate moviesheets, etc now I get tons of internet links in the XML file, linking thumbnails and backdrop images.  Previously I only saw one thumbnail (box art) and one backdrop (background) file which worked fine as images for the moviesheet.

What do I need to adjust/change to avoid all the extra editing of the XML?



In Opitons, Go to “Movie info”, then in  “Store cover/backdrop links into the movieinfo file” dropdown box select “Store links to moviesheets (the current settings for moviesheets will be used)”.

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Thanks for the quick reply – works fine now.