Thumb nail problems

My old thumb nails for my movies files still work fine but any new thumb nail picture I add is  turned 180 and if I modifie the file the old thumb nail turnes 180. I’m thinking this is because of the new update as I’m using the same method for the new thumb nails as I had for the old. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

are you using a thumbnail program? I just go to netflix for movie tittles and right click save as no problems at all that way

I’ve been creating JPG files and these have been working fine. Down loading dirrect from netflix works some what but does not resolve the probelm for custom thumb nails.

That is why I asked if you were using a thumbnail program when you do custom thumbnails how do you do it

I make a JPG image and using roxio photo shop. Then place it in the file. This worked for my five hundred movie files or use to till yesterday.