Throughput Reduction

I’m using 3 WD Livewire boxes and am experiencing a throughput reduction over time to 5-7 Mbps sustained which can be reset by un-powering and re-powering the Livewire box at the pc experiencing the throughput reduction. This immediately resets the throughput back up to to >20 Mbps sustained. I suspect the throughput reduction is occurring when there’s simultaneous traffic between all 3 Livewire boxes and it’s not resetting itself upwards when the traffic reduces.

That sustained throughput is not unusual.  Windows will grab a quick a look at speed, and then it will appear high.  But once a sustained transfer kicks in, you will see the actual transfer rate.

Your assessment is pretty accurate.  When there’s simultaneous network activity going on, you will see transfer rates drop.  Also keep in mind, that you are operating on an electrical circuit.  Any appliances can create noise on the line, causing throughput to slow down.  I have similar devices in my house, and too much appliance and simultaneous network activity can drop our connection to the internet.