Three Silly Little things about the site

In your Customer site sign up form allow + in the phone number.  This signifies and internation as apposed to a local phone number.

Make the Capture easier to read they are getting unreadable.

On the Forum site sign up page stop the Capture scrolling off the screen every time I click on text box.  It make it impossable to comple the sign up process.

However to stop this I huse a trick of holding down the shift key when clicking on the Capture text box.  This stops the get focus or whatever click event from running when I click.  Which stops the bad code from casuing the scrolling event to occcur. Mst people don’t know this trick and you should not have to do it!

The resone the scroll event was occuring was becase I type in my name on the first submeint to long and then i shorten it.  But the script kept thinking I had not shand it and is was still to long.  To help you nail down the casue.  If you get the capture fille in sue the trick above and click submit it then uses the corrected custom name field value.  So the issue us casue by the script on the click event on the capture text box validating old data not the newlay typed data for the Custom Name field. 

Please excuse if I got the filed name wrong it’s the wine limited to 15 characters.

I apologize but I’m not following what you’re trying to say.  We don’t require any phone numbers on the registration page.  The Captcha is a standard that comes from a third party source.  We don’t control how it’s done.  As for scrolling off the screen, it doesn’t do that for me. 

When you say sign up, are you meaning registration…?  Unfortunately, I don’t get your trick at all.

GhostInYou just wanted to enter his phone number including international calling code. But I dont know which form he meant.

I can confirm the bug with scrolling in Google Chrome (and Firefox as well) inside forum Sign Up form. Every time you click into any field (e.g. Firstname, Captcha), so that the input field gets focus, the page automatically scrolls up to the top. Really annoying.

What is more interesing for me, is that I dont even get into the Sign Up form in Firefox (and I am redirected somewhere else), when my browser has choosen different preferred language than English (in Preferences->Content->Languages).

Firefox with French Preferred Language

Try clicking on the registration or sign in button rather than just hitting enter. 

Bill_S wrote:

Try clicking on the registration or sign in button rather than just hitting enter. 

Please read first what I wrote, instead of just answering to something.

Sorry, I locked on one thing.   What languages are you having issues with?  And what version of browsers are you attempting to sign up on?

I always use latest versions of browsers.

Weird scrolling bug on Sign Up (Registration) form is in Safari, Chrome and Firefox as well.

Redirecting out of the forum when clicking Register button was inside Firefox (because its the only browser that allows you to change language). I tried English and German, these are fine, but e.g. French and Czech are not, and you end up on that white page I posted in screenshot.

You didn’t answer my question.  What versions are they?  Also, what does the Sign Up for Customer Portal have to do with registering to the forums (since you said it redirects out of the community)?  That white page you’re showing isn’t for the community, it’s for our customer portal, in order to contact us, create RMAs, etc. 

It is sad the you dont read what we write. And its not just you.

Latest means (for today) Firefox 14, Chrome 20 and Safari 5.1.7.

I dont know what it has to do with that, I am reporting it as a bug. I will try to explain it as simple as I can. When I am in forum ( and click the Register (button) with preferred ENGLISH language I stay in forum and I am redirected to a blue register form. But when I do the SAME with FRENCH preffered language, I am redirected out of the forum into that white page.

If you still dont understand it (or you just dont want to read it), I can do a videos for you.

I did read what you wrote.  You were not as clear as you think you were.  I ask for a version number, and you expect me to assume what current means.  I can’t.  Not with a bug.  Secondly, you should always start off with explaining exactly how you produced the bug, like you are explaining it to a child.  You cannot assume we know what you mean.  I had no idea that you referring to an issue with our registration page.  I thought you were referring to an issue with our customer portal registration.  I should not have to try and figure out what you mean.  I should be able to read what you’re writing and understand it, like I did this last post.  Now, I have something to work with.  Thank you.  I will try to reproduce this bug on these browsers using French. 

Last question.  How were you changing to French?  Were you using a differnt computer with the operating system in French, or were you changing the browsers from English to French, while the OS was in English?

By the way, Firefox 14 just came out.  Are you using the release version, 14.01, or the Beta version, 14.00?

Well Bill, If you would carrefully read all my posts in this thead, you would find the informations there. (OK, you are right that “latest” is not clear enough :wink:)

All my systems are in English. In Safari you are unable to change preferred language, in Chrome it is probably not possible as well. So it happens to me only in Firefox where you can change preferred language in (Preferences->Content->Languages). And it is not a problem of a version of Firefox, on Ubuntu I have 14.0.1 and on Mac I have ESR 10.0.6.

So the problem is when you change preferred language (locale) inside Firefox, from English [en] to French [fr]. (first in order)

As for the other browsers I mention them only related to that other (auto scrolling to the top) bug.

I will have our team look into this.  Thanks.