Three Enterprise drives no longer detected

my issue is different.
I have a Phanteks Enthoo Elite. It’s a dual system setup. Separate PSUs for each system.
The drives are used by the mini-ITX that i have.
I have 3 WD Enterprise Drives. One Red (6TB), and two Gold (12TB and 4TB). I connected the Red drive, and 4TB Gold drive via 90 degree sata cables to the mini-ITX. And their power comes from the Corsair PSU (with Corsair cables) of the MAIN system. Both drives were detected by the mini-ITX until i thought, “if the drives are being used by the mini-ITX, i should should plug in their power to the Thermaltake PSU (the one being used by the mini-ITX”. So, i turned off the system, flip both power switches off, waited 30 seconds and then unplugged both drives from the PSU of the MAIN system. Since i was at it, i connected the third drive (12TB Gold) to the SATA power cable, and plugged in all three to the Thermaltake PSU. Initially i forgot to connect the data cable of the third drive to the motherboard. I’m not sure if i had powered on the mini-ITX at that point. But i connected the data cable of the third PSU while the system was off.
I powered on the mini-ITX, and then none of the drives were detected in Windows. I have an UEFI BIOS but there is no menu/listing for connected devices. Only in the Boot menu, the boot devices that show up are the M.2 drives ON the motherboard. After i had a friend in I.T. help me remotely. I connected the devices one by one, and even tried different ports, and enabling ALL SATA ports in the BIOS. None are detected. We even tried connecting the drives one by one to the MAIN motherboard, but the drives were still not detected.
Originally all the drives were detected by my old computer through it’s external hot swap bay (Thermaltake Overseer RX-1). I tried using the drives on my old PC, and they weren’t detected there either.
I don’t know what else to do. I tried feeling whether or not the drives spun, but couldn’t feel anything on the new system. On the old system it feels like the are vibrating, but that could just be the other components in the tower vibrating. Is it possible that the 90 degree data cables somehow got damaged because of how they are curved inside the case?? Should i use separate power cables for EACH hard drives? I know it seems like a dumb suggestion but I’m freaking out here.
Maybe my only option is a Data Recovery company?

are you sure that everything is well connected? its very bad luck killing 3 drives in a row…

I believed they were. Until i found out the day AFTER the disaster that you shouldn’t use Corsair cables on a Thermaltake PSU. I only found out after watching a recent video by Gamers Nexus.

ahhhh i understood now… search in the forum for tvs diode… you may get lucky and only kill the protection in pcb