Three clicks

500 gb


It turns on, spins, makes three attempts (clicks), then stops and remains on and does nothing.  Computer does not recognize it, I am assuming that it is not booting up.  Is there a disk to boot it up? If so where do I find it?  If not, am I able to still retrieve my data?

Mouse to lower left screen; Start; Run; Browse for your harddrive (click on it); Open


like this case you may got firmware or head problem. have you do something on it before?

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I am having the same problem, It’s on, connected (checked and double checked) and lit up but all it does is make the three clicks over and over again but nothing happens. I am running a MAC, any ideas?

Sometimes it will just sit here for a few hours then just randomly it will whir up and all of a sudden it appears on my desktop.


My drive just began doing the same thing.  I removed it from it’s enclosure and have tried all the jumper settings to see if that was an issue for Windows not being able to see it.  I recently moved to Win 7, does anyone think that that may be an issue?  I can find an older OS to see if it can recognize the drive.