Thoughts to Improve the Mynet N900

Good day,

I’ve been using the Mynet N900 for 3 to 4 months and have a few things that would really improve the device. I’m not sure where to send this, so I’ll post it on the forum.

  1. Double the number of entries for MAC Address filtering - 24 is not enough.  WIth a family with multiple laptops/tablets/phones, the 24 MAC addresses are used up very quickly.

  2. Improve the 5ghz band.  - I’m doubtful that this can be done without a hardware change, but the range and speed of the 5ghz band is lacking.  I had a competitor’s router that was a lot better (but had other issues which led to it’s return).   The 2.4ghz band is phenomenal, and does help make up for the 5ghz band.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the router.  


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