Thought I uninstalled it?

I have a My Book 500GB external HD.  Part of it is the Smartware.  Because it’s is causing a conflict with a program I want to use for backing up ISO images, I uninstalled it.  Or thought I did.

I went through the control panel and clicked uninstall, it went through the uninstall process.  When I open “Computer”, there it is.  My Book is listed as my J drive but Smartware is right there as the K drive Smartware.jpg

As you can see it’s gone in the program list, but what the heck is the CD Drive (K) thing??    Is this why my autoPlay won’t work either??      How do I get rid of the Smartware??? Is there some way to unistall the My Book (J drive)and reinstall it without the Smartware???

It is a virtual CD that you can’t get rid of. There is a fix for hiding it. On mine I just went into device manager and disabled the worthless thing.