This will be my last WD hard drive

As long as you insist on inflicting your customers with “manditory” software on a unremovable VCD, i just won’t buy your product anymore.  I previously bought a 160 gig WD portable hard drive…I deleted the software and couldn’t be happier with it.  This VCD disaster is the software equivalent of a pop-up ad.

Since I am unable to utilize the hd space that your software occupies, I would like you to provide me with 500MB of your corporate hard drive space…remote access will be fine.  And since I’ve wasted hours of my time wrestling with and then figuring out how to hide (but not delete) the VCD, maybe you could provide me with one of your staff members to help out with some yard work, or possibly some light house cleaning.  Does that sound fair?

Joking aside, I hope the tech support staff on this forum are keeping statistics about the number of dissatisfied customers on this forum.  If I were you, I would print out the past years worth of forum archives and highlight all of the posts from the customers that hate “Smartware”.  Put that in an envelope and put it in the CEO’s mailbox.  Maybe that would make things happen, and lighten your workload a bit. 



I am afraid that WD people is not reading properly many of the messages here.

I located older versions of WD external drives in some stores in my city , secondhand or new. Going to check carefully these but switching to some other brands may be a possibility 2.

Greetings from cold Buenos Aires and sunny Barcelona.

Sadly, hildrethe, WD does not seem to care at all.

Well, after reaching 1 TB and 2 TB drive sizes with WD hardware, the 3 TB milestone will be done using a Seagate drive.