"This VMware product is restricted" when attempting a backup of a Windows VM


I’ve just installed Arkeia Virtual Appliance 10.1.10 to my ESXi 5.5 server but when attempting to run a backup (to disk) of a Windows VM, I get an error message sying “the VMware product is restricted” (see below for full event log)

Any ideas what could be causing it, I did previously have an install of Arkeia on this hardware when it was ESXi 5.0 and it worked fine, so not sure what has changed. SSH is enabled and I can browse the Disks etc fine when setting up the Savepack. A quick google of the error has thrown up absolutely nothing :frowning:


19:41:07 Start of full backup: Savepack “System Server 2012”, Drivepack “DiskStorage drivepack”, Pool “DiskStorage pool”
19:41:07 Start of Media Server ‘vmbackup’
19:41:07 Owner is “admin”
19:41:08 Adding savepack “System Server 2012”
19:41:08 “1” families have been built
19:41:08 “1” drive(s) selected out of “1”
19:41:08 Waiting for a drive to be available in drivepack “DiskStorage drivepack”…
19:41:14 Using DiskStorage ‘DiskStorage0’
19:41:16 [1] Backing up vmbackup!vStorage:/ 2012/Hard disk 1
19:41:16 [1] Trying to connect to “vmbackup”
19:41:16 [1] Connected to “vmbackup”
19:41:22 [1] vmbackup: Creating a snapshot of Server 2012
19:41:22 [1] vmbackup: Cannot browse ‘/ 2012/Hard disk 1’: ‘This VMware product is restricted’
19:41:22 [1] Backup of “vmbackup!vStorage:/ 2012/Hard disk 1” partially OK, “1” files (“1” treated), “1” MB, “1” seconds, “60” MB/mn, “1” errors
19:41:26 “1” files (“1” treated), “1” MB, compressed at “1.0”, “10” seconds, “6” MB/mn
19:41:26 End of Media Server ‘vmbackup’
19:41:26 End of backup


VMware offers a “Free Use” (Unlicensed) version of their popular ESXi Hypervisor which DOES NOT include access to VADP (vStorage APIs for Data Protection). All Software vendors, including WD Arkeia use VADP for VMware image level backup and restores.

IMPORTANT! The VMware vStorage license is NOT included in the ESXi with a Free license except during the trial period.

The vStorage license can be purchased as part of the VMware vSphere Essentials from VMware and is a prerequisites for the WD Arkeia vStorage Agent.

Please refer to the VMware - Compare Editions page for more details.

Samuel Brown